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This website is made by me, Miss Ward!  The idea was to help teachers and parents out there, by providing them with a collection of worksheets and activities for Foundation and KS1 that are mostly free to download.

Some of them have a small fee but are bought via PayPal, and can be used time and time again.

If you have an enquiry, either about my resources, apps or about commissioning me for education consultancy work, just drop me an email.

Latest resources

KS1 Contractions and Year 2 Homophones and Near-Homophones Activities

This is 2 resources. The Contractions activity is made up of cards which are a selection of contracted words, and the words that make the contracted word. These cards can be laminated. The [...]

Download worksheet (.pdf)

Letter Formation

This resource is based on the Letters and Sounds Letter Formation document. It can be laminated and children can write directly on top of it using a whiteboard marker, or can be used as a reference.

Download worksheet (.pdf)

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