Miss Ward Education

KS1 Contractions and Year 2 Homophones and Near-Homophones Activities

This is 2 resources.

The Contractions activity is made up of cards which are a selection of contracted words, and the words that make the contracted word. These cards can be laminated. The boxes can be cut up, and the children can find the correct words to make the box again. Emphasis should be put on how the apostrophe represents the missing letters.

The Homophones and Near-Homophones activity is a selection of cards with homophones and near-homophones on them, which can be laminated. Children can use them in different ways e.g. cut out all the cards, lay them all out and match the homophones and near-homophones, or play a game of snap. Blank cards are provided if you want to make some cards yourself!

The Contractions activity is 20 pages long, and the Homophones and Near-Homophones activity is 13 pages long.


Download worksheet (.pdf)