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Year 2 Silent Letters and Syllables Activities

This is 2 resources.

The Silent Letters activity is a selection of cards with words beginning with wr-, kn- and gn-, and silent letter cards, which can be laminated. Children can use them in lots of different ways e.g.

Give each child a page of words which they use as a mat. Make a pile of silent letter cards and take it in turns to turn over a silent letter card, and see if you can match it to any of your words.

Cut out all the cards, lay them all out and match the silent letter card to the word card.

Or play a game of snap.

Blank cards are provided if you want to make some cards yourself!

The Syllables activity is a selection of cards with words with different amounts of syllables in them (the words contain either one, two or three syllables), and number cards which can be laminated. These cards can be used in a similar way to the Silent Letters activity.

The Silent Letters activity is 11 pages long, and the Syllables activity is 13 pages long.


Download worksheet (.pdf)