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KS1 UK Seasons

Children need to draw a picture and write a sentence for each box. They should describe what the weather is like during each season, and what months are in each season.

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KS1 World Countries

Children need to locate specific countries on the map of the world. Countries covered: England, France, Russia, Brazil, New Zealand, United States of America, Egypt, China, Spain and Iraq.

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KS1 Investigating Non-Fiction Texts

Children need to work with a partner to find 5 non-fiction books in the classroom. If the book has any of the features on the table, then they need to give it a tick. Features include: Contents Page, Index, Glossary, headings, sub-headings, labels, maps, diagrams, photos and captions.

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Hot and Cold Areas

Children need to label the North and South Poles, and the Equator. Then colour in the very hot and very cold areas of the world. This worksheet can be easily extended for high ability children.

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